Let's start together.

We combine technology, human intelligence and experience to give you the best.

Registration and Strategic Start

Ready for Change: Complete Registration and Create Your Profile

Begin your transformation journey by completing registration and creating your personalized profile. Fill out carefully crafted questionnaires to better understand your needs and aspirations.

Choose Your Path: Subscription Plan and Access to Technology

Select the subscription plan that best fits your needs and transformation goals. Personalize your journey with additional options and gain immediate access to mobile app tools to start implementing change in your daily life.

Interview and Personalized Welcome

Exploring Your Goals: Individual Interview with the Coach

Dive deep into your transformation goals through an individual interview with your personal coach. Assess your specific needs and customize your transformation solution to maximize results.

Welcome to Your New Journey: Welcome Kit and Support Tools

Receive an exclusive welcome with your welcome kit, including support materials and tools for success. Take advantage of the warm-up and psycho-physical reset period to start your transformation journey with confidence and determination.

Growth and Optimization

Maximum Efficiency: Continuous Monitoring of Your Progress

The app will constantly monitor your progress and challenges, offering you continuous support to optimize your transformation journey. Get personalized advice and adjustments to your growth plan to maximize results. Plus, daily tasks to boost your mental power and refine your leadership style

Expert Guidance for Success: Coach's Personalized Feedback

Your coach will carefully assess your progress and provide expert, personalized feedback to help you overcome challenges and maintain your momentum. Work closely with your coach to achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles along the way.

Tailor-made customisations

The program adapts to your true self and your needs

We aim to enhance the unique characteristics of each person so that they can excel while staying true to their values and ideas. This is why the application allows you to customize your planning by substituting exercises, routines, and foods.

Balancing work and private commitments with program activities

To create new routines, everything needs to be easy and seamless. We plan to integrate the training plan with your calendar so you can easily decide how much time and which times to dedicate to Leadabeelity.

Consolidation and Future Projection

Celebrate Your Successes: Progress Evaluation and Future Planning

Assess your quantitative successes with your coach, celebrating your measurable achievements. Collaboratively, chart your path forward, aiming for more ambitious goals and devising strategies to reach them, ensuring both tangible and quantifiable progress.

Beyond Expectations: Continue Your Transformation Journey

Decide with your coach whether you want to continue the transformation program or if you need further strategies to address specific challenges. Develop special programs to integrate into your daily routine, ensuring that change is lasting and sustainable over time.